At Hallgren & Partners the client is always in focus. We strive to provide a personal service so that it always feels easy and welcoming to engage us. All our lawyers and legal associates have specialist expertise in one or more fields and we work as a team, with two lawyers in each area of law, to secure your case.

We win by building relationships and working in the long-term and with an understanding of our client’s situation. All our lawyers are locally based, we work and live in Halmstad which has given us a wide contact network that also benefits our clients.

Pernilla Bengtsson

Secretary +46 (0) 35-15 31 14 More about Pernilla
Hallgren & Partners Otto Hallgren

Otto Hallgren

Lawyer +46 (0) 35-15 31 11 More about Otto
Hallgren & Partners Maria Hägglund

Maria Hägglund

Financial controller +46 (0) 35-15 31 12 More about Maria

Per Jadelind

Lawyer +46 (0) 35-15 31 03 More about Per

Emil Kunéll

Legal associate +46 (0) 35-15 31 04 More about Emil
Hallgren & Partners Madeleine Lennartsson

Madeleine Lennartsson

Legal associate +46 (0) 35-15 31 07 More about Madeleine

Rose-Marie Rask

Secretary +46 (0) 35-15 31 02 More about Rose-Marie
Hallgren & Partners Hanna Spets

Hanna Spets

Lawyer +46 (0) 35-15 31 13 More about Hanna
Hallgren & Partners Jennie Valtin

Jennie Valtin

Lawyer +46 (0) 35-15 31 08 More about Jennie

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