We care for your personal privacy and strive to process your personal data in accordance with personal data legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR. We are responsible for ensuring that the personal data collected by our website hallgrenpartners.se is only used for the intended purpose. We protect the data from unauthorised access and use.

Collection of personal data

On this website we only collect personal data when you fill in the form and send it to us. We then use the information to contact you.

How personal data is processed

The information that you submitted via the form is saved until we have processed your inquiry. We have a procedure for filtering out information that is no longer relevant. There are times when we are obliged to save your personal data by law. Read more under Processing personal data in conjunction with assignments.


You must provide your consent for us to process your personal data. You do this by using the forms on this website. Your consent confirms that you agree to the terms of this privacy policy. You can withdraw consent given previously by contacting us. We will then delete your personal data from our register.

Your rights

Rights to information: You can request a copy of your personal data that we hold. Contact us and we will help you.

Right to correction: You can request that the personal data is corrected or removed if you consider that it is incorrect. Contact us and we will help you.

Right to delete: You can request that we delete your personal data from our register. We may not delete data that the law requires we retain. Contact us and we will help you.

Withdrawing consent: You can withdraw your consent for personal data that you have previously shared with us. We will delete the data from our register. We may not delete data that the law requires we retain. Contact us and we will help you.

Complaints: You can submit a complaint to the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection if you consider that we are processing your personal data in breach of the GDPR.

About cookies

We use cookies on our website, hallgrenpartners.se. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer and that holds information. It is used to simplify things for visitors and for access to different functions. The information in the cookie can be used to track a user’s browsing of a specific website.

What do we use cookies for?

We use cookies to improve the user experience of the website and to adapt the website to your interests and needs. We also use cookies to collate statistics for how visitors use the website.

Two types of cookies

There are two types of cookies. One type is only stored on your computer temporarily and disappears when you close your web browser. It is used when you are on the website, for example to provide information of what language you have selected. The other type of cookies saves a file for a longer period on your computer or until you remove it yourself. This is used, for example, for functions that tell you what is new since you last visited hallgrenpartners.se. How long the cookie is stored on your device depends on the ”lifetime” of the specific cookie.

Third party cookies

We use third party cookies to collect web statistics in analysis tools such as Google Analytics, which collects information about how you browse our website. We use the information to see which content is popular and to improve the website. The statistics tool cookie does not contain any information about who you are. We cannot identify you or your computer. Information that is collected via Google Analytics is stored by Google on their servers. You can read more about Google’s Sekretess-policy here.

Withdraw consent

If your web browser is set to permit cookies you have given your consent to us placing cookies on your computer. You can use our website without activating any cookies. The user-friendliness and functionality of the website will then be diminished however. You can turn off or restrict cookies in your web browser at any time. See the web browser help pages for more information.

Security and updates

We work continuously to protect our website and users from unauthorised access or unauthorised changes that can reveal or compromise information that we hold. We use https which means that all communication between the visitor and the website is encrypted. We may update this policy and will then publish the changes on this website.

Processing personal data in conjunction with assignments.

Advokatbyrån Hallgren & Partners is the personal data controller for the personal data regarding contact persons that we retain in conjunction with assignments or that is otherwise processed when the assignment is prepared or administered. You are not obliged to supply personal data to us, but without it we cannot undertake an assignment because we cannot make the necessary misconduct and money laundering checks. As regards assignments received via the Court or other Authorities we may process personal data about you that is obtained via the court/authorities or that otherwise needs to retrieved for execution of the assignment.

We process the data to make the compulsory misconduct and (where relevant) money laundering checks, carry out and administer the assignment, to protect your interests, for accounting or invoicing purposes. This data is processed in accordance with article 6 of the GDPR.

Personal data may be transferred to other companies that collaborate with Hallgren & Partners for the purpose of making misconduct and money laundering checks, for information and knowledge exchange and for resource allocation. We will not disclose personal data to third parties other in cases where (i) there is special agreement between the Law firm and you, (ii) it is necessary within the frame of a specific assignment to protect your rights, (iii) it is necessary in order to fulfil the legal requirements or fulfil an official decision or decision by the court, or (iv) we engage an external service supplier to carry out an assignment on our behalf. The data may be submitted to courts, authorities, counter-parties and counter-party’s representatives if it is necessary in order to protect your rights.

We are obliged to save personal data, in accordance with the Code of Professional Conduct for Members of the Swedish Bar Association, for a period of ten years from the conclusion of the case, or a longer period required by the nature of the case.

You have the right to request information from Hallgren & Partners cost free regarding the use of your personal data. We will, at your request, or our own initiative, correct or delete data that is incorrect or restrict the processing of such information. You also have the right to request that your personal data is not used for marketing purposes. You also have the right to receive a copy of your personal data in machine legible format or, if technically possible, transfer the data to a third party of your choice. If you are not satisfied with our processing you may lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, which in Sweden is Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection. You may also refer it to the supervisory authority in the country in which you reside or work.

We may process your personal data both within and outside the EU/EEA. Where Hallgren & Partners processes your personal data, for example by sending your personal data to a counter-party outside the EU/EEA, we will take the necessary measures to ensure that such a transfer occurs legally and that the data remains protected.

Hallgren & Partners are data controllers for the personal data that the bankruptcy trustees at Hallgren & Partners process in the role of trustee. The Bankruptcy trustee can also process personal data within the framework of the bankruptcy estate’s operation at which point the bankruptcy estate is the personal data controller. There can therefore be two personal data controllers in bankruptcy situations.